Dominican restaurants

Dominican restaurants are very diverse, from those located directly next to a beach, to large fashionable businesses. Local dishes are not the only ones served. European dishes, such as Italian, German, and French dishes, are also served.

Many Dominican restaurants specialize in local cuisine, which comes from European and African culinary traditions. Some meals include meat with beans and vegetables, fish in coconut sauce, thick sauces and a large assortment of ragu. Do not forget to order fried green bananas ('platanos'), as they are a local specialty.

The most popular local drink is obviously rum. There are about 15 local brands. Local beer can be found in one of the many local bars, though the most popular drinks are rum-based cocktails. One should not forget about local coffee. You can get yourself a cup of this glorious beverage in each Dominican cafe, and compare it to brands you're familiar with.

*In restaurants, a 10% service tax and an 18% sale tax known as ITBIS is added onto the bill when you pay. It is also customary to give the waiter a 10% tip.

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